#Tutorial – Tips for gardening

Gardening on The Sims 4

Sune-sune, simmers!

Here is not Discovery Channel but we will teach you to pick up the hoe! For you who love gardens and are always cultivating the land, today we provide a guide on how to take care of plants. Initially it is necessary to remember that gardening is a very exhausting activity, involves some care and your Sim will be very stressed, so if you can not balance his needs, wait until he can devote his time to nature.

Gardening Considerations

(a) Your Sim evolves the Gardening skill by taking care of the garden or trimming a Bonsai;
(b) Sims with low Gardening levels will leave puddles when watering the garden;
(c) Upon reaching Level 5 of the Gardening skill your Sim can “Fertilize” plants to help them evolve;
(d) It will be possible to work with grafting and cutting techniques from Level 7 of Gardening;
(e) Cultivating the land, your Sim can prepare meals with fresh food;
(f) You can sell what you collect for an amount equivalent to the rarity of the item;
(g) As your ability evolves, your Sim will organize everything in a single “Gardening” interaction.

Build Your Garden

Reserve a space on your lot for your garden. Decorate with statues, fountains, bins and pots, make yourself proud of what you plant. Leaving plants thrown by your lot will only give you headache. You will be ready to get the job done.

Buy seeds, they bring a large random variety for you to plant. The seed packets can be ordered by the computer and are divided among: vegetables, flowers and fruits. After you buy them, it’s time to start planting. How to make? Drag the item from your inventory to the space where you will finally click it and “Plant”.

This is the beginning of your journey as a gardener. Once on the ground, your plant will need special care. Just like any living being, they respond to care and in The Sims you can observe by emotional icons that represent your state of health.

Garden Care

Your plants will need little care even after they mature. All should be watered periodically. You will notice the need to water the plant by the density of the soil that is above its roots (it will be opaque and clear, when watered it becomes dark and appears to be wet).

TIP: Sims with Sad mood can water plants with their tears: ‘(

The next step is to remove the alien bodies from your garden, in which case there are two to be observed: weeds and pests. Weeds will prevent your plant from growing so you need to remove them periodically. Your plant may also be the target of insects, which will be circulating around, eat their leaves and can make it die faster, for this is necessary to use the insecticide.

Note that CowPlant needs special care.


As you evolve a plant, the quality of the item will be higher, it will produce more and you will be able to make foods with greater potential. When a plant is ready to evolve, you will notice it shine, when it should trigger by the “Evolve” interaction. Plants that evolve are subject to pest attacks described above, compared to those of “normal” quality only encountering problems in the field of weeds.


When you reach Garden Level 7 your Sim becomes a true botanist. In this case, he can take cuts from some plants and graft on others. This is important if you plan to complete your collection, produce varied fruits in a single plant or even acquire specific rare plants. There are some formulas for the graft, see:

  • Orchid + Pomegranate = Flower of Death
  • Flower of Death Strawberry + Daisy = Buds Bonsai
  • Bonsai shoots Strawberry + Mouth-of-dragon = Pitaia
  • Pitaia + Mouth of the Dragon = Plant-Cow Bumblebee
  • Apple + Cherry = Pomegranate
  • Tulipa + Chrysanthemum = Bird of Paradise
  • Sage + Basil = Parsley
  • Pêra + Lemon = Banana


Many simmers do not like gardens, but this can be a rewarding and often profitable activity. Always take care of your plants, do not let the service accumulate, after all the more you leave them aside it will be your job to replace. Always have a green thumb for the situation, remember that plants are not only for you to feed, but also satisfy your need in Social and beautify your home. We hope to have helped with these little tips.


#Tutorial – Tips for gardening
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