#Tutorial – Positioning Objects on Surfaces

Hello, Simmers! I was really sorry to give you tips! This was a suggestion by the very dear Simmer Tábata Durand (ID Origin tabatahd). Well, many people have seen in pictures and trailers that some of the game dummies were on the platforms. Originally they are only allowed to lean on the ground, but we will teach them how to do it.


The principle of everything is the famous “bb.moveobjects”, which allows you to make the items cross each other. By doing so you may notice that you still will not be able to leave your object on a surface. For this you can use the 0 or 9 keys to position them at any time you want. Being more detailed:

Key 0 – Will lower the position of the object.

Key 9 – Will raise the selected object.

The tip is that in raising the object off the ground it will “float” in space, so just position it in its proper location (or let it float for telekinetic purposes: p)

Well, we’re all here, buddies! The tip is simple and easy, but I imagine I have helped many who have had doubts on how to leave the dummies as in the release clip hahaha. It is worth noting that this can be done with any object you have, just use your imagination. I hope you enjoyed. Hugs!

#Tutorial – Positioning Objects on Surfaces
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