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Tutorial – The Legacy Challenge

Tutorial - The Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Challenge

On September 24, a news report on the Legacy Challenge was posted on The Sims official website. Such a proposition had already been included by many simmers since The Sims 2, however, after the event thousands of users adhered to the poor style of life. “But how do I challenge the legacy?” You ask yourself, we’ll explain step-by-step how to do it in The Sims 4!

What is the Legacy Challenge?

The Legacy Challenge was proposed by Simmer Pinstar. This is a set of self-imposed rules that aim to change the way you play The Sims by including various restrictions, as well as adding achievements throughout the race.

To start the challenge you need to create a single sim called “founder”, and accommodate it in a giant batch, by which it will begin without any resource, in extreme poverty. The founder will then need to build his house, raise his family and acquire his possessions, obviously without any kind of money or cheating, making his offspring continue the battle when he is gone. In this challenge you will play with the same family for 10 (ten !!) whole generations.

With less control over what your kids will become and more problems along the way, the challenge leaves an important question: “What will your legacy be?”

Creating Your Family

The first thing you must do to start the legacy challenge is to start a new game. If you already have other games saved, this will be possible with the + button, located in the upper right corner of the game home screen. Your challenge begins with Creating A Sim, there you will create the founder in the way you think best, with any aspiration, traits, custom content for style, skin color, hair, body mass or gender. At this point only two rules must be observed:

(a) Yes, you must be a young adult

(b) He shall be the sole member of the family group

TIP: Give extra attention to the surname of the founder, this will be his legacy.

Succession Rules

It is a sad fact, but part of the challenge involves the death of your founding Yes. You should extend your life as long as you can until you reach your milestone in old age, but that is not a problem. Death is not necessarily a sign of failure. When his Founder dies, he will have to be named an heir, the head of the family in the second generation.

Succession occurs under laws that will give the “personality” of your family. Choose wisely an option from each of the three categories listed below:

Gender Law

  • Matriarchal – The Founder must be a woman. Only women will be chosen as successors, unless there are none among the children, in which case men become eligible for this succession.
  • Strictly Matriarchal – The Founder must be a woman. Only women will be chosen as successors. Men are not able to succeed at all.
  • Patriarchal – The Founder must be a man. Only men will be chosen as successors, unless there are none among the children, in which case women become eligible for this succession.
  • Strictly Patriarchal – The Founder must be a man. Only men will be chosen as successors. Women are not able to succeed at all.
  • Equalitarian – The Founder can be of any gender. Any gender can succeed the legacy.
  • Strictly Equal – The Founder can be of any gender. Only the opposite gender can succeed the legacy. Children of the same gender will not be eligible.

Law of Lineage

  • Strictly Traditional – In order to be chosen successor, the child must be born naturally from his previous generation. Adopted children do not inherit the legacy.
  • Traditional – Only the natural child can inherit the legacy, adopted children can not unless there is no natural child in the family.
  • Modern – Anyone can be eligible, both natural and adopted child.
  • Adoptive – To be chosen successor, the child must be adopted. Natural children are not eligible to inherit the legacy unless there are adopted children.
  • Strictly Adoptive – Only adopted children can inherit, natural children are ineligible in any case.

Law of Inheritance

  • Man – the elder inherits the legacy.
  • Youngest – The youngest inherits the legacy.
  • Testament – the son who has a greater relationship with the Founder will inherit.
  • Merit – the son who completes more aspirations will inherit the legacy.
  • Strength – the eldest son will inherit the legacy, but that title may be delegated if he loses in a fight for one of the possible eligible.
  • Random – the title will be played through a draw among potential eligible members. Each time a new member with odds of disputing the inheritance appears, it should be raffled again.
  • Exemplary – Choose a stroke. This trait must belong to one of those possessed by the founder. He will inherit the son who possesses it. If there is a dispute or absence of the trace, the rule of “Man” must be followed (for this law he must make use of the Random Trait Generator).

Getting Started …

After completing the creation of the founder and defining the Succession Rules, move it to any lot and then use the “Manage Worlds” tool to access a larger batch of the neighborhood. This should have the size 50 × 50. You will notice that he will probably be busy with a home or a family, so enter the building mode and remove any traces by demolishing the house and moving the sims that inhabit it. The empty lot should then cost $10,000.

Move the founder to the lot and you will have another $10,000 left to spend. Before starting your journey, go to Build mode and in the Decor part of the “Objects Per Function” tab, you will search for this item:

TIP: I’d advise typing his name on the search tab in Build Mode to make it faster.

Move the statue to the inventory of her family, she must remain there until the end of the challenge as a symbol of his legacy, a past heritage through the generations, no sale ever.

Once all of this has been done, you’re almost ready to start the legacy challenge.

The Rules of the Game

The following rules should be followed while participating in the legacy challenge:

1. No Cheats / Hacks / Mods that will give you advantages over anyone who does not use them. It is clear that codes like Motherlode or Kaching are extremely prohibited, otherwise the challenge does not make sense. The only modifications in the game that would be cool, these are aesthetic mods, which change the appearance of the sim, such as clothes or eyes.

2. Do not restart after unexpected events. Has your sim been fired because of a poor choice? Did your kitchen catch on fire because you forgot to buy an alarm? Your baby was born girl, but did you want a boy? Hahahahaha! Raise your head and move on, no loading the game to avoid them, such events occur just to make the challenge more interesting.

3. You can not move or merge another sim into the legacy family other than the spouse. This will give continuity to the family. You may have non-heir sims leaving the family, but once they leave, they will not be able to return any more.

4. The Legacy Family must remain in the same lot during the challenge. You can build houses (which is perfectly plausible) and even import them from the game gallery as long as you pay the fair price for them.

5. A yes can use rejuvenating item ONLY ONCE throughout your life. This includes youth potion or essence of Plant-Cow life. Cheats that prolong or freeze age will not be allowed. The sims Longevity Method should be in the “normal” mode (you can see this in “Options> Gameplay”).

6. You can not change the actual aspiration of the sim except when you complete it, in which case you should choose another aspiration and follow it to the end.

7. You will not be able to bring a dead yes back to life (eg, Book of Life), but you can beg death not to carry it.

8. You will not be able to move / change a yes heir. All Others (known as ‘spare’) may marry sims in the neighborhood and move to their homes, but as the heir to do it will be ineligible.

9. The only family you should play in the challenge is the Legacy Family. You can not use other sims in that same game. If you want to play with another family, create a new game so that progression can not occur with the Legacy Family as an NPC. You can visit whoever you want during the challenge, you just can not play with them.


Spouses can not bring any type of monetary investment with them. They should not add money to the family amount, so it is recommended that you marry sims “townies” (those who do not own a residence, but walk through the neighborhood). Remember that if the yes is not the last of the family, it will not bring money with you. If it does, use the cheat to remove funds from the family.


Children may be added to your game through pregnancy / adoption. Be aware of the laws of succession to define the next Founder (he should be your child).

This was a summary of the rules contained in the Legacy Challenge. The full compendium you find on the creator’s website. I hope I have clarified some doubts. Have a good game, excellent legacy and comment on how your family is!


We have listed a list of achievements to be acquired in the challenge and you can check them here!

Tutorial – The Legacy Challenge
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