#Tutorial – Getting the CowPlant

#Tutorial - Getting the CowPlant

Want to grow the CowPlant? Know how!

This strange, bovine-looking creature has returned with full force in The Sims 4. For those who do not know it, the Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (affectionately known as Cowplant) had its first appearance in The Sims 2: University Life expansion, where it was of reward of profession when following the race of Natural Scientist. We had official mention of her appearance in The Sims 3 as a little statuette and then she came back as exclusive content from the Store. Now she is no longer exclusive, she is OURS! Yes, we have cow plants! But how can we achieve it today?

Acquiring Cowplant Bago

Initially, you will need to find your seed, known as Cowplant Bago. This will be possible through five ways: fishing, digging, exploring space, grafting plants or buying seed packets.

The most convenient way is perhaps through fishing, your Sim will not need high skill, just willingness and patience. Take it to fish, preferably in the Secret Lots of the game. Apparently there is no spec on this, however there is the hint of some sites that fish in the lake near the Escondida Grotto (located in Desert Flower Park in Oasis Springs). Well, look! There are reports of simmers that you have achieved in Willow Creek, so, given the above tips, feel free to choose your fishing spot.

Another way that involves finding the fruity is to dig looking for treasures (you know, the stones in which you find minerals, fossils and mysims trophies). Particularly this way has been mentioned in guides but not tested by us, so be patient and never give up.

You can get the Cowplant also as a space mission reward. Be bold and build your rocket! In the midst of the various adventures you may need to save a little green little man who speaks weird, he will give you some missions. It is also possible to receive it from space smugglers.

If you have Gardening 7 or more, you can graft plants. The Cowplant Bago is acquired in this way by grafting a Pitaia with a Dragon-Mouth.

By the way, do you consider yourself lucky? But really lucky? Then buy seed initially, there are reports that bago can be found in these packages. You can buy seeds through the “Order” option on your computer.

Cultivating …

You can grow a Cowplant in the Gardener or directly on the ground. From there it will go through three stages: bago, bud and mature.

Bago: You’ve read enough about the bago, at this stage it is buried (only with horns on display) and how any plant needs to be watered. While you’re a berry, it will grow very fast, evolving into Broto in just a few hours.

Bud: The Cowplant takes shape and leaves the earth, presenting the characteristics of a baby. It is still considered as a normal plant for all purposes and interactions. During this period, which lasts about two days, you should periodically water it until it reaches its new phase.

Mature: Completely formed, the Cow Plant loosens its roots from the ground and launches into the world as an extremely voracious creature. At this stage you can interact with your plant through the following options:

Both “Stroking” and “Playing with” only have affective advantages, giving you no modifier. It is necessary, however, to feed the Cowplant every 12 hours or she will find a way to do it (casting her bait).

Attracting Tusks

Just like a carnivorous plant, the Cowplant also has its way of attracting prey. When she gets hungry, she expels a cake-filled tentacle from her mouth. The scent may be irresistible to hungry Sims, so be very careful when it is in that position.

You can only interact with Cowplant in two ways: “Eat Cake” or “Feed”. If you eat the cake you will be devoured.

Eating the Cake …

If it is devoured by the Cow Plant, it can kill its Sim or spit it out. Be very careful when first eaten and expelled, do not try again or it can be fatal.

If expelled, your Sim will return from her stomach with completely emptied Hygiene and an uncomfortable modifier that lasts two days.

It is also possible to perceive a new interaction with the Cowplant. The same will be with your “teats” full, so your Sim can “Milk.” By doing this you will receive an essence according to the mood he had when he was devoured. In case it serves to modify your mood after being drunk.

But what if your Sim was swallowed? You can also milk the Cowplant. This time you will have a much more powerful essence, known as Essence of Life, which will make your Sim rejuvenate at the beginning of its current phase if you drink.

#Tutorial – Getting the CowPlant
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