#Tutorial – DEATH: A Guide to LIFE

Death: When you least expect it if you receive your visit!

Freddie Mercury, my friend, said: Who wants to live forever? Some Sims would like to have an eternal life, others perhaps not so much, fact is that there is nothing to comment on LIFE without its counterpart, DEATH. This may be the main character in The Sims. It was thinking about it (in death: p) that we prepared a guide for you. Here we will talk a little about the theme in three phases: death, the passage and life.

1. Death: Eternal Walker

The Sims 4 includes 11 different ways to die: drowning, electrocution, hunger, fire, rocket fall, old age, physical exertion, plant-cow, shame, anger and hysteria. A modern Dona Morte is entirely inclined to look for him.

Now let’s go to what matters: we know that the types of death are divided between “Natural” and “Emotional.” Deaths caused by fire, electrocution, hunger, old age, physical exertion and plant-cow are included, in this case, among natural deaths, while those caused by hysteria, anger or shame fall into emotional deaths.

Notice the following fact

(a) There are no cemeteries in The Sims 4, when a Sim dies, the tombstone / urn will be your full responsibility;
(b) Children can only die by fire (if you try to kill them with hunger you will have a “visit”);
(c) Death is rarer and much more difficult to achieve than before;
(d) There is a code that prevents death of the sims. Press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [C] and type death.toggle.

In the case of emotions, these have different levels of intensity. Note that the Sims can only die from them when they reach their maximum levels, ie: Embarrassed, Furious or Hysterical.

Regardless of the “causa mortis”, whenever it happens that a sim died, it will be visited by the NPC known as Dona Morte (shown in the cover image), who will take his body to the beyond, thus closing its life cycle.

Dealing with DEATH

Not always dying is fun, sometimes it’s not planned. So what to do? Well, initially when a Sim dies, Dona Morte comes immediately, by which she will transform the body of her Sim into an urn / tombstone. Be close to prevent this from happening. There are a few ways to save a Death Yes, among them a Living Yes may:

  • To demand that Dona Morte bring the deceased back to life. (necessary Confident mood)
  • Seducing the Dona Morte to bring the Sim dead back (necessary Flirtatious mood)
  • Beg for the life of the dead Sim for the Dona Morte.
  • Play with Death (literally) using the Voodoo Doll.
  • Give Dona Morte a Flower of Death (acquired by grafting an Orchid and a Pomegranate)

2. THE PASSAGE: Let’s Talk About Ghosts?

Ghosts have been included in The Sims 4 since the Halloween update on October 1st. These creatures have some characteristics different from the other Sims.

(a) They change color as they change mood;
(b) Have new social interactions, as listed below, as well as according to their type of death;
(c) Do not age. They will remain with the same stage of life that they were when they passed away;
(d) They can make Oba-Oba but can not procreate (without ghosts).

Including Ghosts in Your Family

If you do not plan to add ghosts to your family through the gallery, you can do it the traditional way: expecting a Sim to die. It may seem easy that after death, a Phantom Yes will appear in your residence, but it is not, it will happen after a few days of waiting, until the moment your spirit decides to leave the tombstone. You can not destroy it in any way, otherwise the ghost can not arise. After waiting, it will be available in your lot several times as an NPC (non-player character), for which you can perform any type of interaction exactly like a normal Sim. Interact with the ghost until he reaches 95% friendship, then you can invite him to your home, having done it SOON! You can play with your ghost!

Once in your family the ghosts will be able to have a daily life like any Sim. They will be able to get a job, get married, help pay the bills, so they will receive special interactions:

  • Phantom Scare – Mischievous social interaction consisting of disappearing and reappearing scaring another Sim.
  • Possessing – The ghost can be incorporated into an object, making it float.
  • Ghost Repair – When incorporating into a broken object, a ghost can repair it faster than living Sims.
  • Crossing – Social interaction where the ghost crosses the body of the other Sim with its ectoplasmic form.
  • Talk about Death – Friendly social interaction.
  • Ask About Being Dead – Friendly social interaction that a Sim can make to a ghost.



Even in the pool your Sim’s needs drop normally, if you do not pay attention to this fact, you will find that they will start to become uncomfortable and then exhausted if the Energy runs out. Being in a pool is not the best place to stay when your energy runs out, suddenly your legs stop moving, your arms get tired, your eyelids close and you drown. It is worth mentioning that the Sims are excellent survivors, in case he is tired he will look for a way to get out of the pool and take a nap, it is no use removing the ladder, they have already learned how to climb the stop … would be great if they could also cross walls.


Once your Sim is enveloped by the flames, you better delete them as soon as possible or they will consume you. Yes, my friends, the fire burns! Particularly a Sim can die by Fire in two ways: consumed by the flames of a fire or falling from a rocket (yes, because the fall does not kill: p).

Phantom Interaction – Firestorm: Yes, those who died due to this death could trigger a fire in a certain place when furious.


When your Sim is repairing a broken electronic device, beware! Pay close attention to the “Scorched” modifier that he will receive if he takes a shock, he will not forgive on a second attempt, causing the death of your beloved Sim.

Phantom Interaction – Possessing to Break (Electronic Devices): If your Sim is furious he can use the Possession to Break into electronics interaction.

Phantom Interaction – Hand Shock Play: Yes, they do that. It’s annoying and not funny at all.


Hunger is perhaps one of the most difficult and painful ways to die. A Sim can starve when you leave him without eating (obvious!). For this to happen observe the following: He will undergo two modifiers, Hungry and Voracious, both lasts 24hrs, totalizing that his sim will die in two days if he does not eat. However, things do not follow this perfect course, so that a Sim starves himself he will have to go through all his instincts, that is, he will often fetch food in the refrigerator, unless someone or something stops … if I you see.

Phantom Interaction – Feeling Famine: This is no interaction, nor will it give you any benefit, the fact is that Sims who starved to death will need to feed more throughout their afterlife.


The CowPlant, a creature already typified by the standards of the nation Yes, is extremely voracious. If you have one in your garden, be sure to feed it every 12 hours or she will try to eat you. How does she do it? Well, we left a gif for you to observe how cruel it can be. In addition, since your yes is “eaten” by it will have a chance to be expelled back or swallowed at once, indicating your death.

Phantom Interaction – Wither Plan: Time to make change. When furious, a Sim who died by the Plant-Cow can make a plant languish until his death.


It is common to say that nothing is certainty in life but death. We’ve been dying since the day we were born and for Sims this is no different. One hour is over, your Sim will not be able to grow old, and it’s time to leave and there’s nothing you can do to stop it … you can actually take a Youth Potion, Essence of Life or eat Ambrosia, but SOMETHING !! ! When all is lacking, your Sim will die for old age. Maybe the most beautiful and sad way to die. Bye.


Oh, get old! We talked above about the age that ends the Sims, but the only consequence of being old is this? Of course not! Remember that older Sims are not as sturdy as they were when they were younger. They can not engage in many activities, their bones hurt, and their knuckles hang. What does that mean? When they are performing hectic tasks, such as physical exercises or Oba-Oba (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °), they will achieve a “Dangerously Tired” modifier. What does that mean? As long as that buff lasts, if you do your sim perform activities that require effort it dies.


“Calm down, brother, do not be so angry! Think about your health! Think of your children! Think of your life and … “… and died. Well, it’s no use being so stressed. Death from a heart attack is one of the emotional deaths. For it to happen, your Sim will go through four stages: furious, very angry, angry and enraged. Sims who arrive at the last stage have a short time until they calm down, otherwise they will find their end.

Phantom Interaction – Sharing Emotions (Furious): Sims who die from the emotional factor may trigger this feeling in other Sims.


Be careful when they tell you a joke, it can be fatal. The force of laughter can dislocate jaws, cause hernias, and harass neighbors, so be careful with your good mood. Just like in heart attack, a Sim will die of Laughter when he reaches the four stages of Playful mood (Playful, Very Playful, Foolish and Hysterical). Try to calm down when you reach the last stage or …

Phantom Interaction – Sharing Emotions (Playful): Sims who die from the emotional factor may trigger this feeling in other Sims.


Not this one! Did not you expect that news? Did someone cause you undue embarrassment? Tadinho … A Sim will die of shame after reaching all the stages of the mood Shamed (Shameful, Very Embarrassed, Humiliated and Mortified). After this try to calm down, go cry a little and hide in bed, exposing too much can be dangerous …

Phantom Interaction – Sharing Emotions (Embarrassed): Sims who die from the emotional factor may trigger this feeling in other Sims.

4. LIFE: The Greatest Miracle

The fact that ghosts do not die anymore does not mean that you want to be one of them forever. The afterlife gets tired and there are Sims who dream about the day that will return for a few moments among the living. How to do it? There are two ways.

a) Rising from the Book of Life

When the Sim reaches the top of the bestselling Author Bestseller he will be able to produce an item known as The Book of Life.

Among the other features of the Book of Life, it is obviously bringing a dead Sim back. Your first mission will then be to write it (Requires Writing 10), and then use the “Capture Epic Saga” interaction.

Once you have done this, you will name a living Yes that is nearby. Wait for him to die and his body to become a urn / tombstone to then access the “Summon” interaction, which will make the Phantom Sim emerge directly from his grave. From there, take all the steps to invite the ghost to your family (described earlier). Once in the family, this ghost will be able to read the book using the “Restore Life” option, which will make you come back brand new !!

NOTE: The resurrected Yes will return at the beginning of the phase of life in which he died.

NOTE 2: The Book of Life, when read, can restore ALL the needs of the Sim to which it has been dedicated. (seriously, this is AMAZING!)

b) Eating Ambrosia

Ambrosia is an extremely complex dish that requires some special ingredients. Without needing a Laurel Joseph on our side, we teach you how to cook it HERE!

Well, here ends our guide!


#Tutorial – DEATH: A Guide to LIFE
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