Tips Cheats and Codes for The Sims 4

Tips and codes, tricks, money, building your Sim, changes and more!


Tips Cheats and Codes for The Sims 4 (Cheats)

The Sims 4: Money, teleportation, hidden objects, mood swings, how not to die and more!

Before we begin, we mean that we do not recommend any of these codes or tips for beginners in The Sims! Beginners start using Tricks and lose all the charm in the game …


To increase the size objects (like those in the image), press Shift + [
To decrease, Shift +] (the abject will return to its normal size when exiting the construction mode in some cases)
To raise (vertically) an object, press Alt and the number 9 (nine)
To lower (vertically) an object, press Alt and the number 0 (zero)
To move objects millimetrically, hold the Alt key
To rotate objects millimetradamente, click with the button of mouse and turn while pressing and Alt key
To place half a floor, press Ctrl + F

Cheat Codes

To use the codes in The Sims 4, we have to enter words in the cheat console. On the PC, open the cheat console by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C. At the top of the screen will appear a small text box, in which you will enter the codes that we will describe below and what their effects are.

tips cheats money the sims 4

Cheats: Money, reset, free houses and land.

Reminder: For most cheats to work, we first enter the testcheats true code on the cheat console.

  • Rosebud: Get 1,000 Simoleons
  • Kaching: Get 1,000 Simoleons
  • Motherlode: get 50,000 Simoleons
  • Money : The amount you’ve entered is what’s left in your bank account.
  • Sims.give_satisfaction_points : Give Satisfaction Points to your sims
  • Sims.modify_funds [ + quantity ] : The amount entered is added to your bank account.
  • Sims.modify_funds [- quantity ] : The amount entered will be taken from your bank account.
  • Households.autopay_bills: You no longer need to pay bills.
  • Objects.consumables_infinite_toggle: makes items consumable, such as food and rewards potions, in unlimited consumption items ¹
  • Reset Yes First Name Second Name : Resets Yes with this name
  • FreeRealEstate on: put all free homes
  • FreeRealEstate off: overrides the previous trick
  • Death.toggle: Sims can not die
  • Headlineeffects off: Disables all machete effects (green diamond and thinking balloons) that are floating over the head of the Sims
  • Headlineeffects on: override previous command
  • Fullscreen: puts the screen in full mode (typing again, nullifies the trick).
  • Fps [on]: Displays the frame rate per second.
  • Fps [off]: Disables the frame rate per second.
  • Help: shows the list of available cheats
¹ This command should be used BEFORE you pick up / create / purchase the item. Potions of aspirations can be savored forever. In the case of food dishes, the sims will be able to eat the same dish forever. This trick does not work with upgrade parts.

Cheats: Teleport, objects, mood swings and activate tricks.

To use these tricks in The Sims 4 we have to first enter the code testingcheats true in the cheat console . This way you will find some special options available when clicking a Sim or an object while holding down the SHIFT key.

SHIFT + click on a Yes to open these options:

  • Need Trick – Make Happy: Let Your Sim Happy (All Full Needs)
  • Trick of Need – Disable Falling Need: The Sim’s needs become static.
  • Trick of Need – Activate Need Fall: Sim’s needs return to normal.
  • Reset Yes (debug) : Resets the selected Yes.
  • Add Family: adds the selected Sim to the active family.
  • Modify in Create a Yes: Open the Yes in the editor (after activating testingcheats, enter the code cas.fulleditmode to be able to change anything in Yes, including body shape).
  • Teleport to here: SHIFT + click on a certain place and select Yes to be teleported to the place.
  • Disable family / group need drop: Press SHIFT and click Mailbox and choose this option.
  • Enable family / group need drop: Press SHIFT and click Mailbox and choose this option.
  • Turn off need drop in the world: Press SHIFT and click Mailbox and choose this option.
  • Enable need drop in the world: Press SHIFT and click Mailbox and choose this option.
  • Fill family / group needs: Press SHIFT and click Mailbox and choose this option.
  • Fill in the needs of everyone in the world: Press SHIFT and click Mailbox and choose this option.

SHIFT + click an object for the following options:

  • Restart Object (debug): put the object in its initial state.
  • Leave Dirty: dirty the object.
  • Leave Clean: Clean the object.

Enter these cheats in the Cheat Console to activate them: (mandatory that TestingCheats True is enabled).

  • Fire.toggle true : fires can not be extinguished.
  • Fire.toggle false : fires may already be extinguished.
  • Sims.spawn : A random Yes will be added to your household.
  • Sims.spawnsimple : A random Yes appears.
  • Sims.add_buff Buff_Pregnancy_Trimester1 ( can use 1,2,3 ) : the selected Yes will be pregnant in the quarter you choose, from 1 to 3.
  • Sims.add_buff Buff_Pregnancy_InLabor: The selected Yes will go into labor.
  • Ui.dialog.auto_respond: Automatically respond to the dialog boxes that appear (always when your sim is in school or at work)
  • Sims.spawnsimple [ quantity ]: generates a number (quantity) of Sims. (If you put a very large number your game will lock and close!)
  • Careers.promote Gradeschool: increases the performance of children in school (1 note at a time)
  • Careers.promote Highschool: increases the performance of adolescents in school (1 note at a time)

Cheats tips codes mood changes emotions the sims 4

Cheats: Mood modifiers

  • Sims.remove_all_buffs: clears all mood modifiers.
  • Add a specific mood modifier for the sim . Example: sims.add_buff confidenthigh (activates the effect of cow plant essence, more powerful and long lasting). 

    • Mood values: (Non cumulative, high value +2)
      • Energized: sims.add_buff EnergizedLow / sims.add_buff EnergizedHigh
      • Flirt: sims.add_buff FlirtyLow / sims.add_buff FlirtyHigh
      • Inspired: sims.add_buff InspiredLow / sims.add_buff InspiredHigh
      • Concentrated: sims.add_buff FocusedLow / sims.add_buff FocusedHigh
      • Playful: sims.add_buff PlayfulLow / sims.add_buff PlayfulHigh
      • Sad: sims.add_buff SadLow / sims.add_buff SadHigh
      • Angry (these are cumulative with each other) : sims.add_buff Social_Angry / sims.add_buff Angry / sims.add_buff feelingangry / sims.add_buff unfaithful
      • Happy: sims.add_buff Social_Happy / sims.add_buff Happy
      • Uncomfortable: sims.add_buff uncomfortable
      • Embarrassed (these two accumulate) : sims.add_buff embarrassed / sims.add_buff peedself

Careers and skills the sims 4

Cheats: Basic Careers

  • Careers.add_career career name : add a new career to your sim (insert career name in English) *
  • Careers.demote career name : downgrade your career sim.
  • Careers.promote career name : your Sim is promoted in the selected career.
  • Careers.remove_career career name : quit your job.

Example: careers.add_career secretagent you get the career of Secret Agent.

* Adult careers: Astronaut - Astronaut / Athlet - Business / Criminal - Criminal / Culinary - Cooking / Detective - Detective / Doctor - Medicine / Entertainer - Entertainment / Painter - Painting / Scientist - Scientist / SecretAgent - Secret Agent / Techguru - Computer Guru / Writer - Writer 

* Names of careers adoldescente: Teen_Babysitter - Baby- Sitters / Teen_Barista - Barista / Teen_FastFood - Fast Food / Teen_Manual - Handyman / Teen_Retail - Trade Official

Cheats: Sims, Aging and Rendered Services

  • Sims.Spawn – Invoke a Sim and add it to your home
  • Sims.spawnsimple – Invokes a Sim as a guest only
  • Setage – Give your sim the adult age

Joiner / Assistant – Provide an auxiliary NPC to repair broken objects in your home:

  • Soak.enable_soak_handyman_situation (run this code first)
  • Soak.create_soak_handyman_situation (run this code later)

Maid / Cleaner – Provide an NPC maid to clean your home:

  • Soak.enable_soak_maid_situation (run this code first)
    Soak.create_soak_maid_situation (run this code later)

Party – Call “a ton ” of Sims to attend parties on your lot. They leave after a few hours of game play:

  • Soak.enable_soak_party_situation (run this code first)
  • Soak.create_soak_party_situation (run this code later)

Turn your Sim into a maid – They will behave normally, do whatever you tell them to or need or want. The difference is that when there is something to clean or fix they will stop their own actions to do so:

  • Sims.add_buff buff_Role_ServiceNPC_Maid – Turns on Employee behavior
  • Sims.remove_buff buff_Role_ServiceNPC_Maid – Turns off Employee behavior

Kill Your Sim ! – Add a motivator that will make your sim die electrocuted when fixing an electronic object:

  • Sims.add_buff buff_death_electrocution_warning

Cheats: Objects and Skills in Construction Mode

To use these tricks in The Sims 4 we have to first enter the code testingcheats true in the cheat console .

  • Bb.showhiddenobjects: unlocks hidden scenery objects (buydebug)
  • Bb.moveobjects: unlocks the objects grid and can put anything anywhere. (Repeat the code to deactivate) 
  • Bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement: unlocks career objects.
  • Bb.enablefreebuild: Makes Construction Mode accessible where it was previously disabled. It allows you to edit locations such as:
    • Sylvana Glade (Willow Creek)
    • Forgotten Cave (Oasis Springs)
    • Sixam ( The Sims 4 Get to Work )
    • Hermit’s Residence ( The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat )
    • Hospital, Precinct and Laboratory ( The Sims 4 Get to Work )
    • Neighboring lots

– A very useful tip when putting furniture: press alt when you put any object and you moderate move it out of the grid and with the cheat bb.moveobjects activated, when you press “9” the object rises (floats) and with the ” 0 “(zero) it lowers.

Cheats: Quick skills and learn, accumulate aspiration points

In order to use these tricks you have to first type ‘ testingcheats true ‘ in the Cheat Console to activate them.

  • Aspirations.complete_current_milestone : your current goal is reached immediately. This allows the suction points to be collected quickly.
  • Sims.add_buff Satisfaction_Points : Give selected Sim 100 points of satisfaction. Then use the sims.remove_all_buffs code that is required to bring the sim into the non- ormal state and allow the first code to be repeated.

The following trick is a bit trickier but very useful and you’ll probably use it often. With this tip, you can quickly improve your skill.

  • Stats.set_skill_level skill 1-10 where the skill will have to be replaced by one of the listed below, followed by a number from 1 to 10, where 10 is the maximum.

These are the skills. Just enter the word bold! Example: stats.set_skill_level Major_Fishing 10 : You now have the most fishing ability.

  • Major_Fishing (fishing)
  • Major_Mischief (mischief)
  • Major_Guitar (guitar / guitar)
  • Major_Reaping (death)
  • Major_Programming (programming)
  • Major_Gardening (gardening)
  • Major_GourmetCooking (gourmet cuisine)
  • Major_Comedy (comedy)
  • Major_Charisma (charisma)
  • Major_Writing (writing)
  • Major_VideoGaming (video game)
  • Major_Violin (violin)
  • Major_RocketScience (Aerospace Science)
  • Major_Painting (painting)
  • Major_Piano (piano)
  • Major_Logic (logic)
  • Major_Handiness (mechanics)
  • Major_HomestyleCooking (cooking)
  • Major_Bartending (mixology)
  • Skill_Fitness (athletic)
  • Major_Baking (confectionery)
  • Major_Photography (Photography)
  • Major_Wellness (wellness)
  • Major_DJMixing (DJ)
  • Major_Dancing (dance) (maximum 5)
  • Major_Herbalism (herbalism)
  • Major_Reaping (death) – I do not know what it’s for, maybe some interaction with ghosts …
  • Retail_workethic (work ethic) – The Sims 4 Get to Work
  • Retail_maintenance (maintenance) – The Sims 4 Get to Work
  • Retail_sales (sales) – The Sims 4 Get to Work
  • Skill_Child_Social (social) – Children Only
  • Skill_Child_Motor (motor) – Children Only
  • Skill_Child_Creativity (creativity) – Children Only
  • Skill_Child_Mental (genius) – Children Only
  • Crafting.shorten_phases: Accelerates production

traits the sims 4

Cheats: Traces, Friendships and Relationships

With this tip you can modify the traits of your Sims, force your friendships and relationships or even decrease them. For this you will have to type ‘ testingcheats true ‘ in the Cheat Console.


  • Traits.equip_trait name spaceships : adds a dash to your Sim (Insert name of trait in English) *
  • Traits.remove_trait name spacespace removes a dash from your Sim
  • Traits.clear_traits : removes all traces of your Sim (great for those who have a Sim that has gained bad traits).

Example: Typing on the cheats screen traits.equip_trait Romantic your sim will automatically win the “romantic” dash!

* To add a new stroke to your Sim you must first remove one of the strokes that it already has, and in order to work it can not have traits that conflict with the one you want. Example: A sim can not be Active and Lazy at the same time. Name the strokes below separated by category!

  • Personality:
    • Emotional:
      • Cheerful – These Sims tend to be Happier than others
      • Active – These Sims tend to be animated, can stimulate other Sims, and may get annoyed if they do not exercise for a while
      • HotHeaded – These Sims tend to get furious, can upset other Sims, and get furious when they are a target for mischief
      • Creative – These Sims tend to be Inspired, can share creative ideas with other sims, and can get upset if they do not use creativity for a while
      • Genius – These Sims are concentrating, they can share ideas with other Sims and they can get upset if they do not improve their mental abilities for a certain time
      • Goofball – These Sims tend to be playful
      • Romantic (romantic) – These sims tend to be romantic and flirty
      • SelfAssured (self insurance) – These Sims tend to be confident
      • Gloomy – These Sims tend to be sad, they may share Melancholy thoughts with other Sims, and when they are sad, they gain an increase in their Creative Ability
    • Hobby:
      • ArtLover (Art Lover) – These sims gain powerful mood modifiers by viewing works of art and can admire and discuss art in unique ways
      • MusicLover (Music Lover) – These Sims gain powerful mood modifiers and satisfy their need for Fun by Listening to Music and are Happy Playing Instruments
      • Bookworm – These sims gain powerful mood modifiers when reading books and can analyze and discuss books and can analyze and discuss books in unique ways
      • Foodie – These sims are happy and have fun when they eat good food, are uncomfortable when they eat bad food and can watch cooking shows to get new ideas
      • Geek – These sims are happy to read science fiction or play video game, they may be tense if they do not play much, have more ability to find collectible items and can discuss geek stuff with other sims geeks
      • Perfectionist – These Sims take longer to produce items, but tend to do them with more quality. They gain powerful mood modifiers by producing a high quality item and suffer from negative modifiers when producing a low quality item
    • Lifestyle:
      • LovesOutdoors – These Sims Can Get Enthusiastic About Nature With Other Sims And Get Happy When Outdoors
      • Ambitious – These Sims gain positive mood modifiers with career success, undergo negative modifiers with failures, and can get upset when they are not promoted
      • Neat – These sims are happy and have fun when they do household chores, they can get into a cleaning frenzy and they get very uncomfortable in dirty environments
      • Clumsy – These sims tend to fail more often in physical activity and laugh at the situation instead of getting upset
      • Snob – These Sims Can Make Critiques of low quality items, get bored with “low quality” television, and gain confidence near other snobbish sims
      • Glutton (glutton) – These sims have a worse negative reaction to hunger, they always like to eat (regardless of the quality of the food), they can eat spoiled food and they can scavenge food in the trash
      • Childish – These Sims gain powerful mood modifiers by watching the Children Channel, become playful there playing with children and are happy to play with children’s toys
      • Insane (Insane) – These Sims can talk to themselves and have unpredictable emotions
      • Materialistic – These sims can admire and count advantage over possessions and become sad when they do not buy a new item for a certain time
      • Lazy (Lazy) – These Sims gain powerful mood modifiers when watching TV or napping or with comfortable furniture; They become fatigued more quickly with exercises and become tense when doing housework
      • Slob (relaxed) – These sims are not affected by dirty environments and leave dirtier household items
    • Social:
      • Good – These Sims are happy about sims with positive mood modifiers, can donate to charity, are sad when interacting with evil sims, and can discuss world peace
      • Bro (arrived) – These Sims can give Hugs to other arrivals, gain conficence when they are close to other arrivals and get energized when watching sports
      • CommitmentIssues – These sims get tense after some time in the same job or relationship, are happy when they leave a job or break a relationship, take more time to propose marriage, and can discuss their fear of compromise
      • Outgoing – These Sims gain positive mood modifiers with friendly socializations; Their social need decays rapidly and they suffer more negative modifiers when it is low
      • FamilyOriented – These sims are happy around relatives, sad if they do not interact with the family for some time and can count on family advantages
      • Mean (malicious) – These Sims are happy when they are mean or mischievous with other Sims and are confident after winning a fight
      • Evil – These sims are happy about sims with negative mood modifiers, can give a manic laugh and discuss evil plans and get angry while interacting with kind sims
      • HatesChildren (Hates Kids) – These Sims get furious near Children, get tense after trying to have a baby and can be mean to children
      • Loner (Lonely) – These Sims get happier when they are alone, do not suffer from negative mood modifiers when their social need is low, they are Tensos near strangers and they are ashamed more frequently with social rejections
  • Aspiration:
    • Alluring (seductive) – Choosing a loving aspiration – Seductive Sims are more successful in romance than others
    • High_Metabolism (Accelerated Metabolism) – Choosing an Athletic Aspiration – It is easier to stay in shape when you have accelerated metabolism
    • EssenceOfFlavor (essence of flavor) – D and choose a food aspiration – Sims with the essence of flavor prepare food and beverages of higher quality
    • Quick_Learner (fast learner) – From choosing an aspiration of knowledge – Rapid learners develop all skills a little faster
    • Muser (weighting) – From choosing a creative aspiration – Weights have a greater improvement in their abilities when they are inspired
    • Dastardly (vil) – From choosing a depraved aspiration – Vile Sims perform stronger and more successful malicious interactions
    • FamilySim (Domestic) – Choosing a Family Aspiration – Domestic Sims Develop Their Family Relationships Faster
    • Business_Savvy (Commercial Skill) – Choosing an Aspiration of Fortune – Sims with Commercial Tino earn a salary higher than the standard in their careers
    • Collector – Picking an Aspiration of Nature – Sims Collectors find rare collectable items more often
    • Gregarious (sociable) – Choosing a Popularity Aspiration – Sociable Sims develop relationships faster

Rewards and benefits

  • Rewards Store:
    • SpeedCleaner ( Fast Cleaner ) – Fast Cleaners pack everything up much faster
    • AlwaysWelcome – Sims always welcome to act like they are at home when they are in the homes of others and the hosts will not care
    • Mentor – When Mentors reach level 10 on certain abilities, they can use the Mentoring interaction and help other Sims improve their abilities more quickly
    • NeverWeary (Tireless) – Tireless Sims Do not Need Sleep
    • Independent – The social need of independent Sims slows down more slowly
    • Antiseptic (antiseptic) – The need for hygiene decays much more slowly
    • HardlyHungry (not hungry) – Some Sims do not have such a big appetite
    • SteelBladder (steel bladder) – Sims with steel bladder rarely need to pay attention to their bladders
    • GymRat (Academy Mouse) – Academy Rats Gain Fun While Exercising and Not Losing Hygiene
    • Shameless (cheeky) – Shameless Sims never get embarrassed
    • Memorable – Relationships Declare Slower
    • Carefree (carefree) – Carefree sims never get tense
    • Fertile (fertile) – Fertile Sims are more likely to try to have a baby and a greater chance of having twins or triplets
    • Beguiling (captivating) – Captivating Sims can make anyone flirt with just one look
    • Savant (wise) – Sages develop all abilities more quickly
    • SuperGreenThumb ( Super Green Finger) – Super Fingers Grow Plants with Incredible Vitality
    • Frugal (Frugal) – A frugal yes family / group pays smaller bills
    • Marketable (marketable) – Sellable Sims sell their own creations for more Simoleons
    • SpeedReader (dynamic reader) – Dynamic readers read books faster than the average Sim
    • Observant – Sims observers uncover the traits of others simply by knowing them
    • Connections (contacts) – Sims with contacts start every row some levels ahead
    • NightOwl (Night) – Night Sims further develop their skills at night
    • MorningPerson (morning) – Morning Sims develop their morning skills better
    • Creative Visionary (creative visionary) – Creative Visionaries have a greater chance of painting and writing masterpieces
    • Entrepreneurial (Entrepreneur) – Sims Entrepreneurs are more likely to be promoted in their careers
    • ProfessionalSlacker (lazy professional) – Lazy professionals are not afraid of being demoted or fired
    • Sincere (sincere) – Sincere Sims have more success with apologies and compliments
    • FreeServices (free services) – All one-time service requests are free
  • Complete Aspiration
    • Expressionistic (exprecionista) – Completing the Aspiration Extraordinary Painter – Yes Expressionists have grasped the essence of feeling and can create highly emotional works of art, regardless of their mood
    • OneWithNature (naturalist) – Complete Aspiration Autonomous Botanist – Sims naturalists need not fear fire; It does not touch them and they can erase them with ease
    • Legendary (Adored) – Complete the Aspiration Friend of the World – Everyone remembers an adored yes! Your relationships never wear out
    • Appraiser (appraiser) – Conclude Aspiration Curator – Appraisers can sell collectible items such as Metals, Crystals, Elements and Fossils to the Simsonian Museum for more money
    • FreshChef ( Chef of Vigor ) – Complete Aspiration Chef Master – Chefs of Vigor always prepare foods with the best quality, they never spoil
    • PotionMaster (Master of Potions) – Complete the Master Aspiration of Mixology – Potion Masters You can prepare powerful drinks that stir the emotions of those who drink them
    • Player (casanova) – Complete Romantic Series Aspiration – Casanovas never leave other Sims jealous, no matter what they do
    • EternalBond (Company) – Completing the Aspiration Soul Mate – Sims with a company have special interactions with their spouse that help alleviate the tribulations of life
    • AnglersTranquility (Fisherman’s Tranquility) – Complete the Aspiration To Fisheries – Sims with fisherman tranquility see all their problems disappear while they are fishing
    • Hilarious – Complete Aspiration Comedy Star – Hilarious Sims never miss a joke and have some specials up their sleeves
    • PerfectHost (Perfect Host) – Completing Great Aspiring Partying – Perfect hosts earn a bonus on the score of any social event they organize
    • Mastermind (Machinist) – Completing the Aspiration Public Enemy – Machinists know exactly what to say to cause anger, sadness and envy in their opponents
    • Bane (tormentor) – Complete Aspiration King of Mischief – Tormentors can sabotage almost anything, be it an object or the work of another Sim
    • TheKnack (skilled in mechanics) – Complete Aspiration Brain Nerd – Yes Skilled in Mechanics can repair and hone any object instantly
    • Piper (captivating musician) – Complete Aspiration Musical Genius – Captivating Musicists know an arsenal of songs that exert considerable power over other people
    • EpicPoet (poetic) – Conclude the bestselling author’s aspiration – Poetic Sims can capture their own life in a book and use it to bring back someone who has lost
    • LivingVicariously (Vicarious) – Succeeding Succeed Successful Lineage – By being vicarious, your child’s skills gains can contribute to their
    • Longevity (long life) – Complete aspiration Physioculturist – Sims of long life has more longevity, discounting possible accidents
    • ValuedCustomer (Prosperous) – Complete the baron aspiration of mansions – Successful Sims receive a 10% weekly refund for all purchases made in building mode. The remuneration is applied directly to Family / Group money
    • Invested (astute) – Completing the fabulously rich aspiration – Sism shrewd receive a direct deposit per week based on their family / group money
    • Chronicler (professoral) – Completing the Renaissance Yes Aspiration – Teaching sims can write useful handbooks on any skill they are versed in
    • WebMaster (webmaster) – Completing Aspiration Computer Genius – Webmasters make the most of their computers, releasing extremely useful ways to use them
    • MentallyGifted (Mental Gift) – From Completing the Aspiration Young Genius – Sims with mental gift develop adult mental abilities faster ²
    • SociallyGifted (Physical Gift) – Complete Aspiration Agitated Pest – Sims with physical ability develop adult physical abilities faster ²
    • CreativelyGifted ( Creative Gift) – Completing Aspiration Artistic Prodigy – Sims with Creative Gift Develop Adult Creative Skills Faster
² The traces of "gift" can only be acquired by Sims children!
  • Dine Out – Unlock Restaurant Advantages 
    Enter the code bucks.unlock_perk [ code name] true to unlock the restaurant advantages! Example: type bucks.unlock_perk LowerEmployeeTrainingCost true to reduce training costs!

    • RecommendDishSocial – Curious Customers
    • AdditionalWaiter_1 – Additional Waiter 1
    • IngredientQualityOptions – Ingredient Quality Options
    • MoreCustomers – Food Race (24 hr duration)
    • IngredientCostDiscount – Extra Harvest (duration 24 h)
    • LengthenImpatienceTimeout – Patient Customers
    • AdditionalChef – Additional Boss
    • RecommendDishFrequency – Most Curious Customers
    • AdditionalWaiter_2 – Additional Waiter 2
    • InspirationalSpeechSocial – Inspirational Speech
    • EatFaster
    • LowerEmployeeTrainingCost – Reduce Training Costs
    • CheaperIngredients_1 – Ingredient Discount (small)
    • ExpensiveOrders – Gastronomomos Gastões
    • RiskFreeMarkup – Gentle and Generous (cumulative advantage)
    • CheaperIngredients_2 – Discount Ingredient (Large)
    • LowerChanceBadEvents_Small – Well Managed
    • ChefsHat – Chef’s Hat
  • Get To Work – Unlocking Business Benefits
    • StorePlacard_1 – Poster “My First Simoleon” – Unlocks decorative picture. Receive copy in family inventory
    • PedestalMimic – Provocative / Large Glass Pedestal – Find item in “Surfaces / Miscellaneous”. Receives in family inventory
    • SignageMimic – Neon Simoleons Living Plate – Find item in “Wall Decorations / Decorations”. Receive copy in family inventory
    • RetailOutfit – Elegant Shirt – Unlocks an additional shirt for men and women, which is ideal as an employee uniform
    • RegisterMimic – Pecuniary Cash Register Suros – Find item in “Electronics / Miscellaneous”. Receive copy in family inventory
    • DecreaseRestocking_Temporary – Superfluous Surplus (Duration: 12h)
    • AdditionalWorker_1  Additional Employee 1
    • RestockSpeed_Small – Faster Reset (Small)
    • RestockSpeed_Large – Faster Reset (Large)
    • CheckoutSpeed_Small – Faster Purchases (Small)
    • CheckoutSpeed_Large – Faster Purchases (Great)
    • StorePlacard_2 – Poster Foobs 500
    • CustomerBrowseTime – Curious Buyer
    • ImproveManagementSocials – Megagerente
    • AdditionalWorker_2  Additional Employee 2
    • CustomerPurchaseIntent – Serious Buyer
    • SureSaleSocial – Sale Certa
    • ImproveRetailSocials – Skilled Sale
    • InstantRestock – Instant Restocking
    • DescreaseRestockingCost – Cheapest Re -stocking

Relationships and friendships

Relationships and friendships

  • Relationships.create_friends_for_sim – Bring a friend to your lot (who has 50% friendship bar or more)
  • Relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others – Make your sim meet all the sims that are in the game, including the dead
  • Modifyrelationship Your First Name and Last Name Your First Name and Last Name Value Target Friendship_Main – Change the friendship relationship between two sims ³
  • Modifyrelationship Your First Name and Last Name Your First Name and Last Name Value Target Romance_Main – Change the love relationship between two sims ³
³ Enter the first and last name of your active Sim first and then the name and surname of the friendship or relationship of the Sim you wish to change. The value should be set between 0-100. If you want to have a negative value (enmity) put a "minus - " before the value.


Modifyrelationship Snob Mustashe Tacyla Carreiro 100 Romance_Main : The love relationship between Snob Mustashe and Tacyla Carreiro will be put to the maximum.

Modifyrelationship Jessica Rodrigues Rafael Kid -100 Friendship_Main : The friendship between Jessica Rodrigues and Rafael Kid will be placed at a minimum.

It is important to know that it is important to have a great friendship to be able to move into a loving state. So we recommend that if you want to have a loving relationship with someone start having the friendship at the most.

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