The Sims 4 Machinima – Bella Goth : The Return

Years have passed since Bella Goth disappeared. Her children, Alexander and Cassandra, are now adults and have high-risk jobs. Alexander is a tough scientist and Cassandra is a seasoned detective, doing everything they can to find their mother. She is being held prisoner on the planet Sixam to serve as a guinea pig for Pollination Technician #9 (evil version), watching her memories gradually fade away. The creature uses her as a cabaret singer. Success will surely come. Alexander and his sister manage to find their mother on Sixam. After fending off the evil aliens, our three heroes are now out of danger. They cross over a space-time portal to go back to their world. When it’s Bella’s turn, Pollination Technician #9 breaks the portal. To her dismay, the young woman ends up thrust into a parallel world (The Sims 2) where another version of her husband, Mortimer, is waiting for her. Emotions are high in the neighborhood of Willow Creek. Alexander and Cassandra were just about to bring their mother back safely. Mortimer feels like he has lost his wife a second time. The pain is too much…


The Sims 4 Machinima – Bella Goth : The Return
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