#Tutorial – Seven Steps to Improving Cooking

Learn cooking quickly in just a few steps!

For those who do not know, the culinary world of The Sims 4 is very vast and full of recipes (we have over 70!), This shows us that the cooking ability is certainly not for sissies. You can get it in many ways, whether it’s the refrigerator, stove, skill book, outdoor grill and even the exclusive Cupcakes Machine!

Fact is that as your Sims evolve in skill, they get new recipes and their gifts in the kitchen are enlarged (see, you do not break more dishes …). The traits and aspirations that you choose for your Sim can contribute to the ability to evolve in this branch, for example, a “Gastronomo” Sim can watch a special channel on TV and the one with the “Creative” trait will be more likely to be inspired while cooking. It should be noted in passing that the reward trait obtained by Chef Vigor’s aspiration gives him his cooked dishes NEVER spoil, giving him a full and fresh dinner table … hmmm.

Next, The Simmers mentioned some useful tips for engaging in a true culinary adventure, let’s check it out?

01. Synergy with Gardening: The gardening skill helps prepare meals when you use fresh vegetables / fruits. In addition to generating high quality dishes, it reduces the price of preparing food.

02. It’s love …: Sims who are in different emotional states unlock unpublished recipes. Try to cook when you’re romantic … in fact, get furious and prepare a delicious furious pasta!

03. Developing the Cake: Recipes with cake can be used on commemorative dates. Are you having a birthday? Add birthday candles! Will marry? How about a wedding ornament on it? Now it’s up to you to whip up the party decorations!

04. Let’s Talk about Thing good: Want to increase family income with cooking? Buy the exclusive cupcakes machine and make your cupcakes at home, it’s an income that will help your son, parrot, nephew … DO NOT MISS!

05. Chic is Intelligent: When you reach Level 5 of Cooking, your dishes are so elegant that you will develop a new skill. Gourmet will allow you to create more sophisticated dishes for chic and pleasant dinners.

06. Ambrosia: In level 10 of Gourmet you will unlock the Ambrosia recipe, a dish that deserves the title of “rises defunct”.

07. Leave Home: If being a “homeowner” bothers you, get rid of those chains and go head chef. There are a variety of advantages you can get, from new recipes to culinary objects and pieces to Create a Sim.

So, did you like it? These tips gave me even starvation … .If you did not waste time and started to trace your path in the food industry. In fact, since we talk about food, why not take a break in our exclusive gardening guide? There are several secrets that you, young cook, need to learn about your garden.

#Tutorial – Seven Steps to Improving Cooking
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