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The Sims 3 Tips and Codes, Cheats, Tricks, Tricks, Money, Construction, Changes, Infinite Life …

The Sims 3 is a PC simulation game where you can build a character and develop your personal and professional life. And to facilitate this process, players can use Cheats (codes / tricks) . With some tricks, you get benefits such as faster money, modifying or deleting the characteristics of a Sim, and ignoring the price when you buy a new lot. Check out the list of codes to do well in the game:

Cheats Codes

To use the codes in The Sims 3, we have to enter words in the cheat console . On the PC , open the cheat console by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C. At the top of the screen will appear a small text box, in which you will enter the codes that we will describe below and what their effects are.

Motherlode - cheats the sims 3

Money, teleportation, hidden objects, mood swings, how not to die and more!

Base cheats:

Reminder: For most cheats to work, we first enter the testcheatsenabled true code in the cheat console.

  • Help: shows the list of available cheats
  • Kaching : Adds $ 1,000 Simoleons to your account
  • Motherlode : Add $ 50,000 to your account
  • Freerealestate : allows you to buy lots of any value, leaving them free
  • Familyfunds [familyname] [desired value] : Add / remove as much money as you want
  • Shazaam: gives +2,500 points of happiness to the selected Sim
  • Modify traits: modifies or erases the characteristics of a Sim
  • Add to household: adds the selected Sim to the house you are currently playing
  • Set age: you change the age of a Yes
  • Set career [career / level]: choose a profession for your sim and his level on it  
  • Force Opportunity: Click on Career Builder to Force Opportunity
  • Force event: click the career builder for a random professional event
  • Force all events: Click on Career Builder to have all professional events consecutively
  • Force service yes [name]: Force a specific worker Yes (NPC) to appear
  • Force visitor: force your neighbors to visit you
  • Make friends for me: Become friends of several random Sims
  • Make happy: improve Sims mood
  • Make motives [static or dynamic]: leaves the motivation of the house dwellers in static or dynamic mode
  • UnlockOutfits [on or off]: allows you to see all the uniforms of your profession
  • Make me know everyone: o Selected yes knows all the other Sims in the neighborhood
  • MoveObjects [on or off]: You can move objects from your home to anywhere on the map
  • ResetSim [first name] [second name]: causes the Sims to return solidly and securely to the house
  • ConstrainFloorElevation [true or false]: Force adjustments to the terrain even if there are objects, Sims, and other structures
  • DisableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on or off]: objects will not occupy slots when you hold the ALT key
  • FadeObjects [on or off]: Objects become transparent
  • Edit in CAS: Edit Yes selected
  • SnapObjectsToAngle [true or false]: changes the angle of view by 45
  • SnapObjectsToGrid [true or false]: changes the object grid
  • HideHeadlineEffects [on or off]: show speech / thought balloons
  • JokePlease: Displays a random joke on the console
  • Enablellamas [on or off]: includes llamas in the game
  • SlowMotionViz: [0-8]: Leaves the camera in slow motion effect
  • Fps [on or off]: Displays the number of frames displayed per second on the screen

The Sims 3 Cheats

  • TestingCheatsenabled [true or false]: You will find some special options available for when:
    On, slide over the need bars with the mouse pointer and fill them;
    • Hold Shift and click on a Yes:
      • Modify Sim Active Traits
      • Enable age transition
    • Hold Shift and click on the mailbox:
      • Make everyone happy
      • Make friends for me
      • Make me meet everyone
      • Forcing NPC: cleaning, pizza deliverer, nanny, repair technician, collector, newspaper deliveryman, mailman, death owner, thief, police officer, firefighter, social work for adoption, social work for child protection, science magician.
      • Define career: here you can choose a career and its levels
      • Making Static Requirements
      • Force visitor

Cheats for the sims 3 cheats for the sims 3

Marta tips:

  • Infinite Life: To acquire infinite life (actually a protection against death, being able to resurrect several times) you must:
    • Go to the Pleasant Cemetery and go to a place that has a strange bush called “Bush of Flowers of Death” – Reap her flowers. Keep this flower in your inventory and if you die you can automatically offer the flower to the Reaper Grim (death) that will resurrect you.
    • This flower does not reappear after it resurrects, but there are flower seeds that you can plant on dotted sites near the graveyard and in some other places. But to be able to plant you must have at least level 7 Gardening.
  • Infinite Money: For now I do not know any tips for this, but you can use the motherlode command several times. I do this! At least in the game I can have a mansion and a hundred thousand dollar car.

Expansion Cheats:

The expansion codes are for only those who have the expansions listed below installed and only serves for each of them:

The sims 3 round the world cheats tips tricks codes tricks

  • Buydebug: Buying Mode debug. Enter the command on the console while in the Buy or Build mode. This provides access to tomb-building objects, generators, and other development objects. Some objects will only remain in the debug , and will not be available to end users.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left click on tomb object: This allows you to set Activators and Behaviors Enabled for tomb objects.
  • Enablelotlocking true / false: Enable Batch Locking. This allows the player to edit batches locked in Edit City mode.
  • AllowObjectsOnRoofs true / false: objects on rooftops. Allows any object to be placed on a roof, removing all its interactions.
  • Objectassetnames true / false: Object Resource Names. Allows the user to see the resource name of objects in the Buying / Building modes in the cursor text.

The sims 3 ambitions cheats tips tricks codes tricks

  • AlwaysAllowBuildBuy true: Activate shopping mode in any situation, including in case of fire
  • DiscoMaptags on / off: parts of the map, in the neighborhood mode, flash in numerous colors
  • Placefriezes on / off: allows roof foundations
  • AgeupNPC: Active Aging for Sims NPC (World Sims, Uncontrolled)

The sims 3 falling in the night cheats tips tricks codes tricks

  • RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings true: Enables building in restricted public lots such as Halls
  • UnlockOutfits on: known code, but this time will unlock new expansion costumes (including vampires)

The sims 3 generations cheats tips tricks codes tricks

  • MoviemakerCheatsenabled [true | false]: Enables Movie Maker mode, which activates new tricks to help players create movies. To access Movie Maker mode, the testingcheatsenabled code must be enabled. It allows NPCs to be selected with SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK on Yes. In addition, the following trick interactions are activated when you press SHIFT and click the LEFT button on a Yes:
    • Animation: makes Sim perform a specific animation
    • Disable All Looks: Turn off all Look for All Sims actions
    • Edit in Create a Sim: takes the chosen Sim to Create a Sim, where they can be fully edited
    • Disable Sims: Prevent all Sims from doing anything other than a player-initiated interaction.
    • On / Off Loop: sets whether animations are looped or displayed only once.

The sims 3 paradise island cheats tips tricks codes tricks

  • DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands: unlocks all hidden islands
    • During foundation construction hold Alt to create a foundation at the height of the 1st step
    • During the construction of stairs on foundations hold Alt to place stairs of 2 or 3 steps
    • Holding Alt with the Foundation tool selected, you can create a second floor faster. Just select a ladder and holding alt pass the mouse cursor at the ends of the second floor that a ladder will be created.

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